Sunday’s Autism Workshop

Professor Cem Kinaci MD

Recognizing Autistic Tendencies

·          Causes of Autism

·          Predisposing Factors for ASD

·          Biochemical Aftermath in ASD

·          Gastrointestinal Issues in ASD

·          Toxic Heavy Metals and their Connection to Autism

·          Cleaning Heavy Metals from the Body

·          Vitamin and Mineral Support in ASD

·          Oxidative Stress Theory of Autism

·          Description of Brain Damage (SPECT Scanning)

·          Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

·          Biomolecular Nutrigenomics (By-Passing the Genes)

·          Gc-MAF Immunotherapy in ASD

·          Diet in ASD

·          Educational & Behavioral Therapies

·          News from Latest Research Articles

·          Questions & Answers