Dr Emar Vogelaar PhD – “Tests for Immune System and Cancer”

R. Ernest Cohn MD, NMD, DC, FACO  Director – Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas – “Advances in European and Asian therapies now in the USA”

Dr Alexander Poletaev MD – “New approaches to early detections of solid tumours” 

Scott C Tips BA, Phd, JD, President of the National Health Federation – “Codex and your health freedom” 

Louise Segui BSc, G.S.R., Dip.Phys. – “Hyperbaric and other therapies on cancer”

Professor Cem Kinaci MD – “Autism Workshop – Challenges and Solutions in Autism”

Dr Mohammad Almomani MD

Professor Dr Paul Ling Tai – “Metabolic, mitochondrial and, cellular membrane factors in cancer.  Debunking the current myths”

Dr Rod Smith PhD – “Activity assays – Histology of GcMAF destroying cancer cells” 

Lynda Thyer BSC – “Advances in Protocols: The Swiss Protocol is a long way behind us”

David Noakes, CEO Immuno Biotech – “GcMAF results by disease. Effective treatment of stage 4”