The World's Second GcMAF Conference

GcMAF probably has the best results in cancer (80% of late stage cases become cancer free according to clinical research papers), 15% of autism and 70% of ME/CFS make full recoveries (significant improvements on 6 months ago).

The aim is to bring together those who can further improve both the science, and the results. It is to be an annual event.

The Dubai GcMAF Immunology Conference 2013 where scientists, doctors and patients discuss the role of GcMAF in immunology, complimentary therapies, and how to raise the percentage of full recoveries GcMAF offers by rebuilding the immune system in cancer, autism, ME/CFS, inflammation, viral and bacterial infections and a number of other diseases.

What is GcMAF?

GcMAF is an essential part of the human immune system, which doesn't function without it.

Diseases, including cancer, are wiped out by a healthy immune system, so to survive they send out an enzyme called nagalase, in an attempt to prevent your body producing your own GcMAF. If successful, that collapses the immune system and the cancer or disease grows unchecked, becoming chronic.

In three weeks of external GcMAF the immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength, and then becomes the rifle shot that takes down the disease. In addition, GcMAF has four direct, powerful anti cancer actions of its own.  It is still highly successful in stage 4 cancer provided the nutritional advice is also followed.

There are about 180 scientists involved with GcMAF and 80 scientific research papers written on it. Immuno Biotech Ltd, sponsors of the conference,  extracts GcMAF molecules from human serum in their laboratories, suppling 350 doctors and 5,000 patients.

They also carry out research, and have produced 15 peer reviewed research papers published in prestigious immunology conferences and journals so far in 2013. One of their papers was on the front page of OncoImmunology (Excellent clinical results from 20 patients on GcMAF), and their paper published in Nutrients (GcMAF causes cancer cell suicide via macrophages) is in the top 5% most read papers of all tiime.

Immuno Biotech believe history will look back on GcMAF as more important than penicillin and antibiotics combined.

Soon after opening registrations, we are delighted to say we already have twelve of the world's top GcMAF scientists, together with 17 successful GcMAF doctors, attending. We have always found that if you get people talking together, progress is accelerated out of all proportion to the time spent.