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Press Release -

The Second GcMAF Immunology Conference

The world’s second GcMAF conference will be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th December in the Amwaj Rotani five star Hotel in Dubai. (It will immediately be followed by an ultrasound course for doctors). Presentations are being made by leading scientists and doctors from around the world and feature new research papers on the uses of GcMAF to restore the body’s immune system to full strength to fight diseases, autism and cancer. Results have improved to the point where 70% of CFS cases make recoveries, and 80% of stage 4 cancer patients become cancer free, provided they have two months to live and carry out the nutritional recommendations as well.

Its sponsored by Immuno Biotech. Their CEO David Noakes says “When research scientists and doctors meet to add together their individual results into one whole, the science takes a great step forward. It's a pooling of the latest discoveries. There have been significant research breakthroughs since the last conference, including the arrival of more powerful GcMAF molecules, and there are a significant number of clinical case histories to report.

At the moment GcMAF eradicates autism in 15% of cases. As a result of the last conference delegates came up with improvements that will take that to 50%.  ME/CFS has gone from from 30 to 70% success. The workshops will encourage informal networking and new ideas. We have a packed programme of talks by leading GcMAF researchers, doctors are reporting on their success at eradicating cancer, autism, ME/CFS and other diseases with GcMAF and, as a result, registrations are already flooding in.”

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GcMAF molecules are extracted and isolated from healthy human blood. As part of the process of tests and assays to ensure GcMAF is active, Immuno Biotech has been conducting laboratory research into the methods by which GcMAF destroys cancers cells, and has published 12 research papers in prestigious scientific journals, and at international conferences on cancer, immunology and autism. Currently there are over 80 research papers on GcMAF by 147 eminent scientists with new peer-reviewed papers being added at an increasing rate from university teams and doctors from dozens of countries.


GcMAF is a vital part of the human immune system, which doesn't work without it. However, many diseases including cancer attempt to prevent production of the body’s own GcMAF and, if successful, that prevents the immune system from fighting them, resulting in the diseases growing unchecked and becoming chronic.


A weekly injection of a tiny clear drop restores the level of GcMAF in the blood to normal and enables the body’s own immune system to fight the disease, with the only occasional side effects being mild, cold-like symptoms as the immune system starts to function normally. The time it takes for the body to fight the infection and return to being able to produce normal levels of its own GcMAF depends on the severity of the infection or cancer. Its estimated 180 scientists and 350 doctors in 40 nations are involved so far.


Conference organiser Beate Keisa, 0044 7781 411737 to book,