Dr Mohammad Almomani

Dr Mohammad Almomani, MD, FAAP

Currently CEO & Medical Director for Total Wellness Clinics in Jordan, Consultant Pediatrician & Autism Spectrum Disorders, American Board Certified; treating kids with Autism disorders for more than ten years, following the bio-medical DAN protocol; Dr. Almomani is USA Citizen who moved with his wife and four beautiful children from USA to Jordan about 5 years ago, establishing Total Wellness Clinics to provide quality medical care for children, especially those with Autism, and serving the whole Middle East, also participating in so many conferences, TV, Net and radio shows and talks, giving many lectures and talks about Autism and new therapies; raising the awareness of Autism causes and therapies, and that "Autism is reversible; currently, Dr. Mohammad Almomani is doing clinical study on over 400 kids with Autism whom he treated with GcMAF injections for the last seven months at Total Wellness Clinics, the final conclusions of this ongoing study will be out after about six months or so from now, with positive encouraging results so far toward GcMAF use for Autism therapy.   



Our clinical experience with GcMAF for kids with Autism.

During the last seven months, we at Total Wellness Clinics in Amman, Jordan have given GcMAF injections for more than 400 kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders; from Jordan and many countries around like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE , Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, USA and Europe ( UK & Sweden); we have collected feedback reports from only some families so far, that have tried GcMAF with their children under the spectrum of Autism; and who at least finished 14 weeks or more of GcMAF weekly injections; and the data is yet to be complete, so we are still waiting to collect the feedback from the rest of families in order to analyze it and make final reliable conclusions. However, I will present at the second annual GcMAF conference in Dubai, our parents testimonies on videos about their kids before and after GcMAF use showing their significant improvement, plus our positive encouraging clinical experience with GcMAF.

We also noticed that there hasn't been any correlation between the severity of symptoms of Autism and the response of the child, or the side effects.