Dr Judy Mikovits

Judy A. Mikovits, PhD is a cellular and molecular biologist who has focused her career of 30+ years on how viruses dysregulate the immune response leading to chronic disease, with a goal to harness the immune system to treat neuroimmune diseases, infection, and cancer. Dr. Mikovits earned her Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University.  Her post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Virology at the NCI’s Lab of Genomic Diversity investigated the role of defective provirus in HTLV-associated myelopathy (a neuroimmune disease). She was a pioneer in the field of epigenetic dysregulation of immune response genes by infection. Her most recent work focuses on the development of multivalent drugs for inflammation, immune modulation, and virology targets based on systems biology considerations that recognize the complex nature of chronic diseases and addresses the interaction between the microenvironment and the immune response system.


Presentation summary: Dr. Mikovits will present exciting new results on the mechanisms of neuroendocrine immune modulation of GCMAF as a master regulator of the Vitamin D Axis. It has only recently become appreciated that chronic diseases such as Cancer, Autism and ME/CFS share common pathways of dysregulation. This presentation will focus on modulation of innate immunity as it relates to macrophage activation and resetting the balance of the immune response to treat chronic diseaes.