Dr Graham Simpson MD

Dr Graham Simpson

Graham Simpson MD graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr Simpson is a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA) and also a licensed Homeopath. He is the author of Wellman (Live longer by controlling Inflammation), co- author of Spa Medicine (Basic Health) and has taught as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno. His certified in age management medicine by the Cenegenics Education Research Foundation and remains a consultant for the Cenegenics Institute. He is the Chief Medical Officer of the Eternity Medicine Institute and also founder of Palau ME. 



Cardio metabolic disease is the global epidemic of the twenty first century. Eighty per cent of humans die from cardio metabolic disease. The view that most cancer is a genetic disease is no longer credible. Similarly, the old model of heart disease as a simple plumbing problem due to excess cholesterol is simply wrong.

Cancer and Heart disease the two most common cardio metabolic diseases are both food-borne epidemics, a result of the modern Western diet and an increasingly toxic environment; essentially both are manmade global pandemics.

A new proactive clinical model will be presented, as one solution to combating the increasing incidence of chronic disease.